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Welcome to
Ca&Le Cosmetics

Caroline & Lengfeldner Erhard

We have been dealing with skin care products for more than 20 years.

Since 2005 we  produce organic fresh cosmetics from the finest handcraft in our own factory in Klagenfurt - Austria.

This is particularly valued by people with skin problems and, according to our care recommendations, are happy about a completely new skin feeling. A sample will convince you.


Your skin manager

Caroline and Erhard Lengfeldner

Überzeugen Sie sich von purer Frischekosmetik.

Sie erkennen Frischekosmetik Professionalität am Herstellungs- & Ablaufdatum auf jedem CA&LE Produkt.

Vegan &  

Not tested on animals



& Manufacture

Freshly produced

Free of



Lipids instead




How does your skin feel?

Healthy skin is divided into four skin types: normal, dry, oily, and combination skin.


The skin type is determined by genetic factors as well  determined and influenced by various internal and external factors.


With our specially developed skin tester, you can determine your skin type yourself free of charge at home and find the right products in our online shop. Here you can find out how to use the skin tester .


The different skin types

Normal skin

The term "normal" is generally used for a balanced complexion. The T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) can be slightly greasy, but the sebum and moisture levels are balanced and the skin is neither too greasy nor too dry.


Normal skin is characterized by:

  • fine pores

  • good blood circulation

  • velvety, delicate and smooth texture

  • evenly fresh and rosy color

  • little to no blemishes 

Happy Beauty Model

Normal skin

Frau, die Augencreme anwendet

Dry skin

Dry skin

Nahaufnahme einer Frau

Oily skin

eine Frau lacht

Combination skin

Combination skin