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“I just asked myself why should we offer the full range of industrial cosmetics when the purest natural cosmetics are produced only a few kilometers away from us. Now we only carry CA&LE products in perfect organic quality. The customers are more than satisfied. We also."

Perau Pharmacy Villach

“We were only able to achieve a sensational 98% customer satisfaction because we geared the entire range of services of the hotel to mountain experience and wellness. For us, CA&LE cosmetics fit perfectly into the range, because the manufactory produces pure natural cosmetics in organic quality and also vegan. And also offers great service. "

 Family Berger / Hotel Feuerberg / Gerlitzenalpe


“With Erhard Lengfeldner from CA&LE, I have finally found someone who can perfectly create natural cosmetics in organic quality individually for a wide variety of skin types  to vote. Because there are no chemical additives, allergic reactions are extremely rare. "

Dr. Durnig / specialist in cosmetic surgery

“As a pharmacist, I want to offer my customers the most individual solutions possible. In the field of cosmetics, I worked with Erhard Lengfeldner from CA&LE Cosmetics  Developed products that now delight our customers as their own pharmacy cosmetics under the INN brand.  Organic, vegan and of course without chemical additives. Only available with us. "

Lindworm pharmacy in Klagenfurt

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