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Founder and CEO


Behind Ca & Le are Caroline and Erhard Lengfeldner. They combine practical knowledge in the composition and manufacture of cosmetics  and also medicinally effective essences. Erhard Lengfeldner draws knowledge and experience from his orders for international companies to develop new formulas and cosmetic and medical products. Caroline Lengfeldner is a trained chemist and beautician, as well as a sought-after trainer for the specialist staff of cosmetic studios and SPA departments in top hotels. Together they form a dream team with the aim of producing the best products in the world in their manufactory.

Welcome to CA&LE Cosmetics

We have been dealing with skin care products for more than 25 years. First as a global developer for the cosmetics industry with its well-known brands. Since 2005 as a manufacturer of the finest organic fresh cosmetics in our own factory. With our specially developed Lipomed manufacturing process and the use of skin-like lipids, we activate the self-regeneration of the skin and support the cells with fresh energy. We do not use any additives or auxiliary substances that could increase the risk of side effects such as allergies. Instead, we rely on high-quality active ingredients and value holistic skin management. This is particularly valued by people with skin problems and, according to our care recommendations, are happy about a completely new skin feeling. A sample will convince you.

Your Ca & Le skin manager
Caroline & Erhard Lengfeldner

All from a single source


Thanks to the company's own cosmetic studios, experience and knowledge of the individual needs of demanding customers flow into product development. Because development, production and sales are combined in one source, something which is very rare in this industry, the ways to the customers remain short and direct. The money that wholesalers and intermediaries usually receive is invested in the quality of the raw materials and also makes the products cheaper for users.

The Ca & Le team


The team around Caroline and Erhard Lengfeldner unites them with empathy, experience in dealing with natural essences and the absolute will to produce the best products in the world from high-quality raw materials. Their success proves them right.

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Arbeiten im Labor

The pearl of natural cosmetics


The word natural cosmetics is on everyone's lips these days. However, very few consumers are themselves able to decipher the ingredients (INCI) on the back label or the package insert. Natural products are also often offered at markets. They are mostly based on herbal extracts and use beeswax for stabilization, which is also noticeable during care. In the case of industrially manufactured natural products, fatty alcohols (cetyl alcohol, benzyl alcohol, benzoic acid) are mostly used for stabilization. But because there are no long-term studies on this yet and some benzoates are suspected of having an effect on the nervous system, we keep our hands off them.

So what makes Ca & Le different from conventional natural cosmetics and from expensive private labels?

Ca & Le makes full use of the effect


All raw materials we work with come from certified organic production or from certified wild collection. With the most modern technology, the innermost active core is extracted from the raw materials. Valuable by-products that accumulate, such as hydrolate (comparable to whey in cheese production), are returned to the substrate instead of the otherwise usual neutral water. Instead of the usual 40-60% water content, Ca & Le products contain pure hydrosols. In this way, the effective radius is fully exploited.

Skin-related lipids as emulsifiers

Emulsifiers are those auxiliary substances that permanently combine oil and water and only make the production of a cream possible. Chemically produced emulsifiers do not penetrate the skin, but are deposited on the surface (callus) and have the unpleasant property of absorbing the body's own fat (sebum) every time they come into contact with water. As soon as you shower or sweat you have to put some lotion on again afterwards. This is the so-called yo-yo effect.

Ca & Le feels

look good


Cosmetics are mainly used by women over 30 to care for the skin and to delay natural skin aging. The creams should feel as delicate as the most expensive branded cosmetics, but without containing the necessary chemical additives.

Ca & Le solved this problem after intensive research. Instead of the usual emulsifiers made from silicone and mineral oils or fatty alcohols, skin-related natural lipids are used. This not only makes the creams feel good, but the active ingredients can penetrate the skin better, keep it supple longer and create a perfect skin feel.

That makes Ca & Le unique


Instead of chemical emulsifiers or emulsifiers based on fatty alcohols, Ca & Le only uses lipids made from valuable oils. Since these have a similar structure to the skin's own lipids (fats), they can penetrate the uppermost protective layer of the skin, the cornea (stratum corneum). As a result, the active ingredients are also absorbed by the underlying epidermis, which is so important for care, and can develop their caring effect. Another advantage is that the effect lasts longer and the metabolism, regeneration and cell formation of the skin are sustainably stimulated. Ca & Le care products promote the self-regeneration of the skin instead of just applying cream to the surface.

Less is more


Unfortunately, allergic reactions to care products are increasing. The trigger for this is sometimes the active ingredients themselves, but usually it is the numerous dyes and additives, emulsifiers and preservatives that can trigger intolerance. According to the principle "less is more", Ca & Le deliberately refrains from everything that is not necessary for the effect. The positive effect: after a short time, the skin needs significantly less cream because its natural protective barrier is working again. This saves time and money and also reduces the risk of allergic reactions. By dispensing with the many auxiliary substances and preservatives, Ca & Le care products cannot be kept “indefinitely”. Ca & Le products are constantly freshly produced and are available at any time via the online shop or in the factory in Klagenfurt.

Fresh cosmetics with effect

until the end


Ca & Le does not use any chemical additives, preservatives or stabilizers. Therefore, the legislator prescribes an expiry date. And that's a good thing, because: every active ingredient has its natural expiry date. Most of them lose their effectiveness after a year. Some even earlier. This means that older cosmetics are simply ineffective. With its expiry date, Ca & Le guarantees that all active ingredients will retain their full effect up to the month / year listed. You can also recognize quality by the expiration date.

But if, as with conventional cosmetics, no expiry date has to be stated, how do you know whether a product is old, i.e. ineffective? Quite simply: every product is provided with a batch number. The date of manufacture is also “hidden” in this. This clearly shows how old the product is at the time it is opened.

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