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Here you will find frequently asked questions  

What does the brand name CA&LE mean?
CA&LE stands for Caroline and Erhard Lengfeldner, the founders and owners of CA&LE Cosmetics.

Why does CA&LE largely dispense with packaging?
Clearly to love the environment! We use recyclable packaging such as organza bags or guest towels for multiple uses.

Does CA&LE use palm oil products?
Definitely no! Palm oil is not used in any of our products.

Why airless dispensers instead of beautiful jars for the creams?
We completely do without preservatives, stabilizers and other chemical additives, so we need the airless dispenser (without air) to protect our creams from contamination by bacteria, fungi, viruses, etc. 

What does natural cosmetics mean?
Unfortunately, the term natural cosmetics is often misused. Because not everywhere where nature is written there is also nature in it. Here you can read the exact definition and what to look out for:

Where is CA&LE produced?
CA&LE is a real manufacturer of the purest fresh cosmetics and is based in Klagenfurt am Wörthersee. produced. Everything that leaves our house is also manufactured and shipped in-house!

How do we differ from other natural cosmetics manufacturers?
We do not use chemical emulsifiers. These are proven for the so-called
Jojo effect in cosmetics is responsible. That means: the more I care for myself, the drier my skin becomes.

We also do not use any fatty alcohols that are common in natural cosmetics, but neither do we use beeswax, because both substances do not get into the skin, but only form a film on the surface.

In natural cosmetics, too, auxiliaries such as sodium benzoate are allowed for preservation and are therefore common. We don't need anything. Our creams are produced germ-free and filled in airless dispensers. Where there are no germs, none can multiply.

The more auxiliary u. Additives the greater the allergy potential. It is known that the combination of several such “ingredients” in one product is difficult  Can trigger allergies. It's good that we at CA&LE don't need any of that.

Can I be sure that CA&LE formulas are not based on results from animal experiments?
YES! Animal testing has been banned for ready-made cosmetics in the EU for many years. Outside Europe, the laws are often far less strict.

Why do your care products have an expiration date?
We only produce fresh cosmetics, completely do without stabilizers, emulsifiers, earth or. Silicone oils, microplastics, etc. And also on the preservatives allowed in natural cosmetics. That is why our care products do not have an unlimited shelf life. We guarantee full effectiveness and freshness for 1 year.

Why do conventional products not need an expiration date?
Classically produced cosmetics are usually provided with the open jar. This defines the use-by period after the jar has been opened. How old a cosmetic is before it is opened is not stated anywhere.

How long can I get by with a CA&LE cream?
When switching from classic cosmetics to CA&LE care, you may need a little more at the beginning, because the skin first has to learn to regenerate itself again. After a few weeks, the consumption is reduced considerably and with daily use you can get by for about 2-3 months.

Why do CA&LE care products get into the skin?
Our secret is the use of natural lipids with a skin-like structure. The active ingredients penetrate into the epidermis, where they supply the so-called ATP molecules of the cells and stimulate the skin's self-regeneration.

Are CA&LE products vegan?
YES, all of them except for our pearl peeling, since dust from freshwater pearls is used here.

How do I dose CA&LE cosmetics products correctly?
Due to the high concentration of natural active ingredients, 1-2 strokes are sufficient for our creams. With serums, you can achieve optimal results with just 1-3 drops.

What does the term occlusive mean?
Occlusive means film-forming. Because this film formation suggests to the skin that its barrier is protected anyway, it slows down the formation of new cells, which over time becomes noticeable as slackening. It is assumed that more than 99% of all cosmetics (including natural products) have an occlusive structure.

How do I choose the right CA&LE product for me?
CA&LE produces care products for different skin types. Due to their natural composition, they are particularly often requested for all kinds of skin problems. The best thing to do is to request one of our free skin testers and send us the result. If the skin barrier is disturbed, an additional description of the problems (or a medical diagnosis) is helpful.  Or send us pictures of your skin problem so that we can better meet the classification.

If your question is not listed here, please feel free to send us a message. We will be happy to provide you with information about our company, the products and ingredients.


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