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Clear phase

Clear phase

SKU: 20050

Facial care for dehydrated and too
blemish-prone skin or acne.

Contents: 50 ml


  • Active ingredient

    Centella asiatica extract, frankincense extract, shea butter,
    Sorbitol, Ceramide III, Squalane of vegetable origin.

  • effect

    Reduces skin impurities, has a clarifying effect and regulates sebum production. The skin becomes clearer and purer. The cream provides moisture and optimizes the complexion. Absorbs wonderfully quickly and leaves a silky-matt complexion.

  • use

    Apply sparingly over the entire surface once or twice a day as required. 

    For blemished skin and acne it is best to use in combination with the Cleansing Gel and the Medi Gel.

  • properties

    Is absorbed wonderfully quickly and is very well tolerated. With regular use, the complexion is improved by effectively moisturizing and regulating excessive sebum production.

  • Hints

    The quickest and most effective way to reduce skin impurities in connection with CA&LE Cleansing Gel and one of the CA&LE Tonics.

  • Returns and exchanges

    Possible within 14 days

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