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Cleansing gel

Cleansing gel

SKU: 11100

Mild washing gel for all skin types. Particularly effective for blemished skin and acne for thorough cleaning of the skin. 


Contents: 100 ml

  • effect

    Cleans gently and thoroughly, removes grease, dust and light make-up very well. Clarifies, refreshes and has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect.

    The skin is deeply cleansed and clarified. It feels pure and supple. With regular, consistent use in the morning and evening, impurities and inflammation are reduced. During the gentle yet thorough cleansing, the skin is moisturized at the same time. The Cleansing Gel is not moisturizing. 

    Wonderfully refreshing scent of lemongrass. The cleaning gel contains a sugar surfactant, which is one of the most skin-friendly active washing components and is made from 100% plant-based (coconut). Ca & Le Cleansing gel does not contain any preservatives or chemical stabilizers.

  • use

    Apply morning and evening to damp skin in circular movements and rinse off with clear water.  With regular, consistent use, impurities and inflammation are reduced.

  • Ingredients & Notes

    Mild plant-based sugar surfactant, sorbitol, lemongrass.

    Note for people with citrus allergies: contains Cleansing Gel
    Lemongrass as a fragrance component.

  • return

    Possible within 14 days.

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