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Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin

SKU: 21050

Especially for sensitive and sensitive skin. The Sensitiv Skin Cream is fragrance-free!

Contents: 50 ml


  • Active ingredients

    Panthenol, Squalane, Ceramide NP, Shea Butter Tocopherol.

  • effect

    It increases the skin's ability to retain moisture  nourishing properties and improves the elasticity of the skin. The cream supports the formation of new skin cells and thus contributes to regeneration. In addition, Dexpanthenol also has antipruritic properties  Properties.

    Absorbs quickly and leaves no shine.

  • use

    Apply the cream twice a day after cleansing the face. Apply 1-2 strokes from the dispenser over the entire surface. Apply sparingly. 

  • properties

    The fine texture with its skin-friendly functions ensures a natural feeling of wellbeing. The combination of properties: moisture management and a calming effect prevents skin irritation and keeps the skin in balance.

  • Hints

    Sensitiv Skin does not contain any perfumes. A recipe with only 10 ingredients for particularly sensitive skin. 

  • Returns and exchanges

    Possible within 14 days

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