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Milk cleanser

Milk cleanser

SKU: 12100

Cleansing milk suitable for all skin types. Especially for sensitive, dehydrated and irritated skin. Also effectively removes make-up. 


Contents: 100 ml

  • effect

    Gently and thoroughly removes grease, impurities, dust and flakes of skin, as well as waterproof eye make-up.

    Gentle on the skin. The moisturizing effect maintains the skin's hydrolipid layer. Cleans gently and cares at the same time.

    The skin is gently cleansed. With nourishing jojoba oil Coconut oil and ceramides 3, the Milk Cleanser has a moisturizing effect and thus prevents the skin from drying out.

    The important natural protective layer of the skin is preserved, at the same time the skin receives strengthening care to support its elasticity. CA&LE Cleansing Milk does not contain any surfactant ingredients, preservatives, silicone or petroleum derivatives.

  • use

    Mornings and evenings in circles Movements on the damp Apply to skin and rinse with clean water.
    To remove eye make-up, the Milk Cleanser can be placed directly on a damp cotton ball. The Milk Cleanser can also be mixed with the Cleansing Gel (50:50) for a more efficient effect.

  • Ingredients & Notes

    Does not contain surfactants. With nourishing ingredients such as shea butter, jojoba oil,  Ceramide III and Lecithin.

    The Milk Cleanser contains tangerine essential oil as a fragrance component.

  • return

    Possible within 14 days.

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