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Hyaluron Gold Serum
  • Hyaluron Gold Serum

    SKU: 01030

    Serum for all skin types and for expression lines with real gold.

    Contents:  30 ml


    • effect

      Gold Hyaluron Serum is the intensive anti-aging care to smooth wrinkles. The interaction with Rhizobian Gum in combination with the hyaluronic acid improves the water binding capacity. The skin's own moisture is bound and only slowly released back to the skin over the course of the day. This ensures a relaxed, smoother complexion day and night. Hyaluron Treatment is not assigned to a specific skin type. It should be used for all dehydrated skin conditions and can be used both as a treatment or as a base for daily care. To the  Many say gold  a life-prolonging effect,  because it slows down organic decline and enables a healthy metabolism into old age. Gold contains strong solar forces, gives vitality, life force and brings sun into the heart.

    • use

      If necessary, apply 1-2 drops to the cleansed skin around the eyes, lips and dry skin areas. Massage in with your fingertips in gentle, circular movements.  Can be used alternately with Astaxanthin Treatment.

    • Ingredients & Notes

      Gold, pure hyaluronic acid, rhizobian gum

      Contains no perfumes, chemical preservatives or irritating ingredients.

    • return

      Possible within 14 days.

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