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Cleansing Mousse Green Tea

Cleansing Mousse Green Tea

SKU: 12150

Cleaning mousse especially for irritated and blemished skin.


Also suitable for men as a shaving foam.


Contents: 160 ml

  • effect

    As gentle as milk, as efficient as a gel, the cleansing foam caters to the special needs of normal or combination skin. The refreshing cleansing gives the skin a new radiance. The mild cleansing foam is efficient and maintains the skin's balance.

    The skin is gently cleansed. With nourishing neutral oil and  Lecithin. Has a moisturizing effect and thus prevents the skin from drying out.  The skin's important natural protective layer is preserved. CA&LE Cleansing Mousse does not contain any preservatives, silicones, petroleum derivatives or chemical additives.

  • use

    In the morning and in the evening, foam up a small amount in your hands and in  Distribute in circular motions on the moistened face and neck. Avoid eye contours. Rinse off thoroughly, in the morning with cool water for refreshment, in the evening with lukewarm water for relaxation and for easier make-up removal.

  • Ingredients

    Mild, moisturizing sugar surfactant, sorbitol, lecithin.

    Cleansing Mousse contains essential oils from green tea. The filling level is due to technical reasons.

  • return

    Possible within 14 days.

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