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Cell Contour

Cell Contour

SKU: 42200

Cell Contour has a firming and shaping effect and is pleasantly warm. Particularly suitable for the problem areas of the stomach, legs, buttocks and for slack upper arms. 


Contents: 200 ml

  • Active ingredient

    Vanilla pod extract, Centella asiatica extract, cinnamon extract and nourishing ingredients such as shea butter and jojoba oil.

  • effect

    The innovative "warming agent" fights cellulite specifically on the affected areas. After each application, a feeling of warmth arises, which increases blood circulation and removes waste products. There is no vasodilating effect and can therefore also be used for spider veins and varicose veins.

    Small dents on the thighs and buttocks annoy millions of women - even slim people are not spared. Because in order to prepare the female body for pregnancy, in women - unlike in men - the connective tissue is more elastic, the skin is thinner and the individual fat cells are larger. These fat cells are even able to inflate up to ten times. In addition, enlarged fat cells impede blood and lymph flow. Result: unpleasant orange peel is formed. Unfortunately, cellulite does not go away overnight, but a combination of certain measures leads to success.

  • use

    Massage in thoroughly in the morning or in the evening. Increased effectiveness: massage in shortly after a shower or sauna. Wrap the affected parts of the body in a bath towel or wrapping foil. Depending on the amount and heat build-up, a pleasant warmth develops.

  • properties

    Depending on the skin type, there may be mild to severe tingling of the skin. This is a normal consequence of increased blood flow. Activates lymph, tightens and strengthens the connective tissue.

  • Hints

    Citrus allergy sufferers should use this product cautiously. Warning: do not apply this product to the face, eyes or mucous membranes. Wash hands thoroughly after massage. Drink plenty of water or tea.

  • Returns and exchanges

    Possible within 14 days

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