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Anti Age Cream

Anti Age Cream

SKU: 24050

For mature and skin prone to blemishes. Comprehensive anti-aging care, especially for treating premature expression lines.

Contents: 50 ml


  • Active ingredient

    Celiplant active ingredient complex, pearl extract, sodium PCA, OPC extract,  Ceramide III, hyaluron, vitamins A, D, F, Rhizobian gum.

  • effect

    Revitalizes tired skin in particular, revitalizes tired skin in particular, tightens and smoothes expression lines, the skin becomes smoother and more supple.

  • use

    Apply to cleansed skin mornings and evenings. Massage in with your fingertips in gentle, ascending movements from the center of your face outwards. 1-2 puffs are enough of this highly concentrated formula.

  • properties

    Special preparation with extraordinary, highly effective anti-aging ingredients. Celiplant, a CA&LE exclusive active ingredient, which controls the most important vital factors of the skin with its comprehensive anti-aging effect, revitalizes the skin and accelerates cell renewal. The silky texture gives the skin suppleness as soon as it is applied. Other active ingredients such as grape seed OPC extract, embedded in nourishing shea butter and squalane, result in a highly concentrated active ingredient complex of the highest quality. Anti age is particularly suitable as night care. Overnight, the skin that has been stressed by our constant facial expressions can recover and small wrinkles that have developed over the day are smoothed out again overnight. A noticeable change can be expected after the first application. The skin feels smooth and supple.

  • Hints

    Use 1-2 weekly with Hyaluronic Serum or Astaxanthin Serum as a treatment as an optimal supplement.

  • Returns and exchanges

    Possible within 14 days

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