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Medi Clear Spray

Medi Clear Spray

SKU: 81050

Medi Clear Spray for skin soothing in spray form for large-area applications.


  • effect

    Medi Clear Spray  for soothing the skin  Has  has a broad action against microorganisms and works on blemished skin  disinfectant. 

    A biodegradable one  Natural product. 

  • use

    Spray the cleaned affected skin area with washed hands.  Work in for 1-5 minutes and allow to dry. Then maintain as usual.

  • Ingredients & Notes

    Medi Clear Spray consists of ultrapure water with a share of 99.7%. The remaining 0.3% is the active ingredient  NaClO, which is obtained through electrolysis. 

    The shelf life is limited as all of our products are fresh and made with natural ingredients  will. Please pay attention to the expiry date. Medi Clear is only stable for 3 months after first opening.

  • return

    Possible within 14 days

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