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Hyaluronic 2 phases Astaxanthin

Hyaluronic 2 phases Astaxanthin

SKU: 51100

Suitable for all skin types. Ideal for the face and décolleté.


Contents: 100 ml

  • Active ingredient

    Hyaluronic acid, astaxanthin, D-panthenol, almond oil, squalane,
    Vitamin E.

  • effect

    Regulate that  Moisture balance of the skin and, thanks to hyaluronic acid, also has a skin-smoothing effect. Astaxanthin protects the skin from free radicals and photo-oxidation (UV radiation).

  • use

    Shake Hyaluron 2 Phase Fluid well before use. Spray the apricot-colored solution directly onto the skin or spray into the open hand and spread on the skin as usual. Absorbs quickly and is not overly greasy.

  • properties

    Astaxanthin is one of the most effective antioxidants and embedded in the cellular membranes (cell membrane, mitochondrial membrane), the fat-soluble astaxanthin protects phospholipids and other lipids from peroxidation. One of the reasons is that the astaxanthin molecule - in contrast to other carotenoids and vitamin E - extends through the entire lipid bilayer and protects both the inside and the outside of the membrane. In addition, astaxanthin can transfer free radicals trapped in the membrane to the polar (watery) side of the cell and thus transfer them to the water-soluble antioxidants such as vitamin C. The positive properties of hyaluron see data sheet: Hyaluron ampoule. The hyaluronic 2-phase fluid is therefore an optimal choice for all skin types. (Oxygen) radical scavengers that nature has to offer.

  • Hints

    Advice for allergy sufferers: Also suitable for citrus allergy sufferers.
    Does not contain chemical preservatives, stabilizers
    or emulsifiers.

  • Returns and exchanges

    Possible within 14 days

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